I have been a licensed real estate broker for more than 30 years and the last five years have been a real changer for me.  With the economy being so hard on so many homeowners here in the Metro Detroit area, I wanted to be able to become educated to help those who are stuggling.  Over the past few years, I’ve attending training courses and received certifications to do just that!  If there was I way that I can help even one homeowner from losing their home or avoid foreclosure and/or provide them with information about government programs and loan modifications that would help our real estate market recover then I would be helping all of us.  Fortunately I’ve been able to help many more than one.  I don’t charge a thing to give information, and if the home owner decides they need to sell their underwater home, they don’t even pay my commission!  The bank is charged my fee!  If you need any help, please give me a call at 586-438-3038.  I’m here to help.  Also please feel free to visit any of my websites:  http://www.shortsaleinfomacomb.com or http://www.shortsalehomeownerhelp.com.

Dolores Gaskell, Broker/Owner, Macomb Metro Realty, Inc.

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